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Thom Browne Fall 2024 Couture Collection

Thom Browne's Fall 2024 Couture Show could easily be mistaken for the real Olympics Opening Ceremony. Browne's second couture outing drew heavily on motifs from the Games, creating a spectacular display that blended athletic inspiration with high fashion.

At the heart of the collection were what appeared to be masterpieces-in-progress, crafted from muslin—a woven cotton fabric typically used for pattern-making. This fabric, often seen as a mere drafting material, was given an Olympic-sized podium, with the collection maintaining a palette of cream and neutrals to highlight the raw, unfinished beauty of the designs.

The runway featured monochromatic looks in varying weights of muslin and horsehair canvas, each showcasing immense depth, artistry, and impeccable tailoring. Forty-eight sculptural outfits emerged, each imbued with Olympic and sporting motifs. The attention to detail extended to the footwear, with lace-up track heels and boots designed to replicate a runner’s starting block.

Browne’s show was more than just a fashion event; it was an immersive experience that transported viewers through various places and time periods. From the echoes of ancient Greece to the intimate atmosphere of a couture atelier, the production successfully melded historical and contemporary elements. Each piece, with its sculptural beauty and elaborate craftsmanship, contributed to a narrative that celebrated both the past and future of couture.

Courtesy of Thom Browne

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