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KidSuper Spring/Summer 2025 Runway Show “IT’S ALL UP IN THE AIR” by Gelila Shita

KidSuper and Cirque du Soleil brought a night of theatrics to the Spring/Summer 2025 fashion show, transforming the runway into a mesmerizing spectacle. Models embodied wooden puppets and marionette dolls, telling a story about defying conventions and breaking free from societal norms. This imaginative performance highlighted KidSuper's founder, Colm Dillane's, unique approach to fashion, where each runway show becomes a theatrical event.

Dillane's signature style was evident as each model showcased the brand's latest collection, featuring bold colors, eclectic prints, and intricate patchwork leather. The collaboration with Cirque du Soleil infused the show with a dramatic flair, merging performing arts with high fashion. The SS25 collection not only presented innovative designs but also captivated the audience with its creative storytelling and visual extravaganza, reinforcing Dillane's reputation for blending fashion with theatrical artistry.

KidSuper Spring/Summer 2025 Runway Show “IT’S ALL UP IN THE AIR”

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