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Color of Fashion, a non-profit organization founded by visionary black female entrepreneurs Samantha Joseph and Alicia Myers, aims to revolutionize the fashion industry by promoting inclusivity, diversity, and racial equality


Color of Fashion's mission is to highlight all colors of fashion and beauty and promote their significance in advancing racial equality. By recognizing underrepresented talents from diverse backgrounds, the organization seeks to challenge conventional norms and reshape perceptions of beauty and style. Color of Fashion produces high grade showcases that push standards and maximize innovation

        Together, We Are Stronger



Founder Samantha Joseph received her BA in Fashion Merchandising at Columbia College Chicago; she also has a Culinary degree at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. Although she tried to walk away from fashion, her passion wouldn’t let her. In 2020 Samantha started her own magazine where she is now the CEO of NWἉ Magazine. Samantha thrives to create a safe platform to showcase black talents, she believes in elevating black art and by creating a magazine, she’s on the path to turn that dream into a reality. Apart from being a CEO, Samantha is a professional model who has been featured in Forbes, Vogue and Lady Gunn magazine to name a few. She is very familiar with the fashion industry, from walking in NYFW, DFW, and CFW. Her first experience was in 2012 working backstage with Chicago Fashion Week to ensure that models and designers had the proper tools for a great show.

Founder Alicia Myers received her BA in Business Management at Metro State University of Denver. She has a business background with over a decade of experience in stocks, banking, law enforcement and fraud. She is a leader at heart and is naturally drawn to building relationships with people. At an early age she participated in fashion shows and found herself watching every episode of America’s Next Top Model. However, she picked up a basketball at age 8 and heavily engulfed herself in perfecting her craft. She grew on to play basketball through grade school and college. But modeling was a desire she could not shake. She dove into the modeling industry and never looked back. Since then, she has expanded her role to include styling and creative directing. As a model she has been featured in VOGUE, Westword, Sheen Magazine, Cosmopolitan and countless others. She has worked for clients such as Popsockets and Artifact Uprising. Her creative directing has landed her a position as creative director for NWἉ Magazine. She believes in empowerment by inclusivity and will do anything it takes to achieve this.


Event planner, Miranda Grubb earned her BA in Meeting & Event Management with a minor in Beverage Management from Metro State University of Denver. Miranda's professional event experience began even before starting college leading to a decade in the industry thus far.  Miranda has made her intense impact on the wedding industry and is ready to expand into fashion. Miranda has always had a desire to be involved in the community. As an indigenous small business owner, Miranda is dedicated to creating diversity and inclusion in every space she is in.

Marketing Manager and Social Media Influencer, Chantel Ostheimer has a Masters in fashion marketing and worked for a digital creative entrepreneur/ fashion magazine for 2 1/2 years. She merged into luxury hospitality with a highlight in fashion as a brand manager. Chantel has creatively directed fashion shoots and assisted in conception of fashion shows as well. She wrote for a fashion magazine and consulted for startup brands gaining experience in influencer management,  social media management and creating content. Chantel enjoyed diversifying her expertise during school and after she graduated but more importantly she transitioned careers from education which allowed her strong communication in building relationships. Chantel loves sketching and design and will be beginning her own line soon!

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Model Coordinator, Tennisia Littleton-Broberg is the founder of TL Professional Services, a seasoned professional in the fashion and beauty industry with over 20 years of experience. Her expertise spans professional makeup, hairstyling, coaching and choreography for runway modeling, as well as crafting beauty and fashion contracts. She excels in production consulting and coordination, all while embracing the diversity of her clients and staying attuned to the latest trends across cultures. Her passion for fashion and beauty is driven by her commitment to uplifting the human spirit, and she takes pride in nurturing strong connections with her cherished clients.

Media personality, Vanessa Samuel is a fashion and lifestyle photographer and content creator born and raised in Denver who has over 10 years working in the fashion and beauty spaces between Denver and NYC. She has worked in New York Fashion Week, Denver Fashion Week, Massif Fashion Week and produced fashion shows and events of her own throughout Denver and New York City.  As an engineer by day, and fashion/beauty lover by night, she wrote the blog Vanessaland from 2014- 2019 where she wrote about her passions for engineering and fashion and how the two coincide with each other. Now Vanessa hosts and emcees for events around the US.


In-House Journalist, Gelila Shita is a passionate fashion content writer and digital marketer with nearly three years of experience in the industry. With a keen eye for style and trends, she has crafted compelling content that resonates with fashion enthusiasts and drives engagement. Her expertise in digital marketing has enabled brands to enhance their online presence, leveraging strategic campaigns and insightful analytics.



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